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1 x one of our Raw Materials

ALOE VERA - stimulates the cell renewal and promotes the grows of new tissue. In addittion, Aloe Vera possessing antimicrobial and wound-healing effect is particularly moisturizing and makes the skin supple. A refinement of our Natural Soaps.

AVOCADO BUTTER - is from pure avocado oil obtained by dehydration. It is a rich term healing emollient butter that makes the skin supple and silky soft. For natural luxury soaps suitable.

BEES WAX - As the by-product produced by the hony bee the beeswax is for dry and brittle skin that needs a special protects ideal. It is an antivacterial, preservativ and leaves a protectiv film on the skin.

HONEY - Was already in the ancient a true medium of beauty and is still regarded as a beauty secret today. Is has antiseptic properties and gives our natural soaps the natural colouring. In the honey is the famous royal jelly, this is referred to the secretion which the honeybee produce for the feeding of their queens.

COFFEE - is used in our peeling and coffee soaps, where the coffee powder stimulates the blood circulation and the coffee the skin. Natural Soap can also be functional soap, remove garlic- and onions odor.

CACAO BUTTER - contents a lot of vitamins and theobromine. Those Natural Soaps are ideal for dry and strained skin and makes the skin soft.

COCONUT OIL - is obtained from the flesh of the coconut, which contains about 70% fat. Skin-care properties are our natural soaps benefit, high cleanig power and detergency. Coconut oil should also help with Atopic because of a calming and stabilizing effect.

ALMOND OIL - a very high quality, nourishing oil, ideal for natural soaps, that already was used in antiquity for beauty. Very well suited for very dry skin, soothes irritations, maintains, protects, suitable for skin tends to torn, eczema and scale. With vitamin A, B, E minerals, saponins and proteins.